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Tibetan Singing Bowls - Deep Cellular Healing

Happy reunion with Shree, myself, Peter, Chris Anne & Jason
December 2010, Boulder CO

For the Holistic Practitioner:

Sound Healing with Tibetan Seven Metal Singing Bowls is an effective
Benefits of Sound Healing


Stress and tension relief



Anxiety and depression

Chronic pain

Speed healing from injury or surgery

Increase energy

Facilitate greater connection to spirit


Tibetan Singing Bowls (also known as bells) have been used as an instrument for healing which go back many years BC. This specific form of healing that I teach and use in my practice is an ancient form of healing that has been handed down from generation to generation by Tibetan Buddhist monks.



After intensive study with third generation master sound healer Shree Krishna Shahi September of 2007 I am now qualified to teach this amazing deep form of Sound Healing.

Shree Krishna Shahi

How does it work?

Our bodies are comprised of up to 80% water and the vibration of the bowls physically harmonize with the body
on a cellular level to bring balance, harmony and healing on  physical, mental and spiritual levels.


 This form of energy work must be experienced to fully understand how deep and effective this ancient modality is.








Seven Metals

The seven metals in a Tibetan Singing Bowl are chosen for their specific energy which is connected to heavenly bodies.

Gold - Sun
Mercury - Mercury
Iron - Mars
Lead - Saturn
Silver - Moon
Copper - Venus
Tin -  Jupiter

The musical note of each bowl is significant as well. The bowl's note correspond with the specific chakra in the body:

F - Root
C - Sacral
G - Solar Plexus
D - Heart
A - Throat
E - Third Eye
B - Crown

Taking a break while studying with Master Shree
Note to Holistic Practitioners

Please click on the "Shop" tab for information on purchasing harmonically chosen set of bowls.  I teach specific Techniques for chakra balancing, warm water treatments, specific pain relief and Sound Healing Concerts as passed on to me by Master Shree.

Sets are available in:

Seven for total chakra balancing, warm water treatment, Sound Healing Concerts.

Due to the bowls being handmade the sets are sold by weight and vary in price.
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